After Hours Plumbing for a Stress-Free Public Holiday

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You know how it is, right? You're all set for a relaxing long weekend or a public holiday breather, and then bam! A plumbing nightmare decides to crash your party.

We’ve all faced those unexpected drips and clogs at the worst possible times. But hey, don’t sweat it! Having a team of licensed plumbers on speed dial to swoop in and sort it all out can really take the pressure off.

Thankfully, you have After Hours Plumbing to the rescue, day or night. We’re here round the clock, ready to jump into action and sort out your plumbing dramas, so you can kick back and enjoy your well-earned break without a care in the world.

No Long Weekend Price Hikes Here

Stuck with a stubborn blocked drain, a broken and burst pipe, or a hot water system that’s thrown in the towel? After Hours Plumbing has got your back. We’re on call in most major cities and several regional spots across Australia, with our skilled plumbers and gas fitters primed to land on your doorstep within the hour* after your call.

More importantly, we don’t slap on extra fees for late-night or public holiday call-outs. We understand that plumbing hiccups don’t care about your wallet, which is why we also provide flexible finance options to fit your household budget needs.

Want to get a plumber to your doorstep, or simply want some extra info on how we can resolve your plumbing troubles? Feel free to give us a buzz or book our services online, any time of the day or night.

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